Grab your friends and family.
There’s exploring to do.

By Cyote Williams

As the seasons and years continue to pass on, the question of, “What is there to do in Des Moines?” has quickly changed to “What ISN’T there to do in Des Moines?” With the weather emerging from its cold shell of the winter months, there’s so much to do and explore in and around central Iowa.
In this issue, we salute some of the best Des Moines has offered for years, including the historical sites, museums and attractions that have entertained families for generations, as well as the restaurants those generations consider favorites.
With the sunshine coming and the sunscreen back on shelves, we help direct you to some of the best places to dip your toes in the water: a day on the beach, a fishing excursion and outings to some of the splash parks sure to entertain families of all ages.
We’re your guide if you want to hit up some of the area’s best bar patios for a drink or two (or three or four, who’s counting?) or take a stroll through some of central Iowa’s best shopping districts. Add in a comprehensive list of sporting events, live music, festivals and more, and, friend, you’ve got a lot of exploring to do.