By Sofia Legaspi Dickens

Welcome to Des Moines. Whether you’ve been here for 30 years or 30 minutes, you’ll love this guide to all things dining, shopping, entertainment and recreation in the metro.
Did you know that the Iowa State Capitol’s dome is gilded with 100 ounces of 23-karat gold leaf — 250,000th of an inch thick? Or that a short drive from the city takes you to an authentic slice of Denmark, the Netherlands or Germany? How about that the Des Moines metro is home to the first plant bar in the state?
If you answered “no” to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a brand-new season, and we’ve compiled more new hotspots, more overlooked standbys and more fun. Explore and enjoy!

Editor’s note: While we strive for accuracy, last-minute changes are inevitable. Before visiting an event or attraction, be sure to verify location, scheduling and safety regulations. And while many attractions are free (love you, Iowa!), please check websites for any ticket and registration requirements.