An inside look at the Spring/Summer events and attractions of central Iowa

By Jeff Pitts

If we’ve learned nothing else from the global ordeal ensuing from COVID-19, don’t take summer social gatherings, fun events and sunshine for granted.

Central Iowa, once unleashed, abounds with adventure. So when you are comfortable, get out, seize the excitement and explore Des Moines. From the city’s eastside or southside, to its westside, to downtown, to up north, to Beaverdale, from Merle Hay, or out in the suburbs to East Polk County.... From May Day to the Dog Days of August... from spring until summer’s last sunset, from Adel to Altoona... When it’s time to maximize your summer with the area’s hottest attractions, awe-inspiring events, can’t-miss concerts, plus fun in the sun, remember to refer to this magazine, Explore Des Moines, your guide to all of it.

Unlock, unleash, and engage central Iowa’s upcoming warm-weather months. You’ve earned it. Explore Des Moines.

Editor’s note: Dates, times and other details are believed to be accurate, but changes are inevitable. As the date of the event you wish to attend draws near, be sure to verify the information before attending.